ZipQuick® Original Quick Change Hospital Curtain

ZipQuick® Original Hospital Curtain

The celebrated, innovative privacy curtain that started a revolution now shows itself to be more necessary than ever before.   As recent events have driven home the need for vigilance and action against cross-contamination, KEMTEX® has proven yet again to be ahead of the curve.  

They say time is money.  ZipQuick® saves you both, and we have the ROI numbers to prove it.  The ZipQuick® system itself reduces change-out time by at least 75%.  This means any staff member is capable of doing it.  No more time spent waiting or looking for a ladder, which also means no risk of ladder related injuries and the expenses and complications that come with them. 

Our proprietary color-coded sizing system also means less time spent hunting for the correct size curtain. Plus, the ZipQuick® system reduces the number of curtain sizes from dozens to 11 or less.  On average, a hospital would require only 8 different sizes.

It’s as simple as measuring the track length or opening for your curtain and using the Product Size Guide below to find the color-coded ZipQuick® size you need.

Each ZipQuick® fabric panel is available in 11 standard widths.  All curtains come with an acrylic baton that easily clips on to a D-Ring sewn into each end of the curtain.  When used to open and close the curtain, the baton contributes to the reduction of cross contamination. Since each ZipQuick® curtain is completely customizable, you can choose any fabric, color, or pattern, you wish.

The final step is to select the proper ZipQuick® Mesh length that corresponds to the room’s ceiling height.  This piece comes in beige or white, in the same standard 11 widths as the ZipQuick® fabric panel and is compatible with all traditional curtain carriers and track systems.  Connecting the ZipQuick® mesh and fabric panel is a heavy duty, industrial strength plastic zipper, that can withstand hundreds of machine washings.

The Original ZipQuick® privacy curtain is the industry’s only hospital privacy curtain system that can be changed out in under 60 seconds.  No ladders, tools, or other equipment required.  Simply zip off and zip on and you have replaced a potential point of infection in seconds.

Call now to speak with one of our Design Specialists, who will provide a free consultation to help you with proper sizing or selecting the right fabric to fit your environment.