FAQs | ZipQuick Hospital and Cubical Curtains


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All ZipQuick® patent pending curtains come with a Two Year Limited Warranty (twice the industry norm) against any defects in manufacturing only and does not cover abuse, improper handling or cleaning.

 Any fabric defects are the responsibility of the individual fabric manufacturer. However, we will gladly assist you in resolving any issues with the respective manufacturer.

The fabric options on the website are the most popular ones and are just a sampling of available choices. In truth we have access to several of the best and most well-known Fabric Designers. The cost of the fabrics offered range in price from the most affordable solid prints to more beautiful designer fabrics. We encourage you to call (800-201-4686) and speak with one of our in-house Designers and they will assist you in identifying the fabric that is best suited to meet your individual needs.

To find the ZipQuick® Curtain Width Size: Measure either the length of your current track or the distance of the opening you want to cover. Now, refer to our ZipQuick® Size Selector and locate the size range that corresponds to your measurement.

To find the ZipQuick® Curtain Mesh Size you will need the same track measurement you made for the curtain as well as the distance from the Floor to the Ceiling.  Take these two measurements to the ZipQuick® Mesh Size Selector.

If you are a returning client and your facility already has the ZipQuick® Mesh installed on your curtain tracks then, yes, you need only order a replacement panel.  


If however you have never ordered from us before you will need to order both the mesh and the curtains.  The Mesh is a semi-permanent piece that attaches to your existing curtain tracks.  It features our (patent pending) heavy duty zipper integrated into  the bottom.  That is what your ZipQuick® curtain panel attaches to and why it can be changed out so quickly.

 ZipQuick® curtains are durable, flame resistant, and machine washable. The proprietary color coded quick sizing system, and the (patent pending) heavy duty zipper make changing ZipQuick® curtains a simple task that can be performed by any staff member, rather than a time consuming chore requiring tools or equipment.  

 As a result, how frequently you need to change them is more dependent on your facility’s curtain retention policy and schedule.  Most healthcare facilities clean their privacy curtains on a
quarterly or biannual schedule. Note, due to the need for
interim curtain cleaning (because of soiling, contact isolation, etc.) it is customary for facilities to
keep on hand, an average of 20% additional back stock (replacement panels) of
each ZipQuick® Size.

Whether it’s new construction or renovation, ZipQuick® can work with you, your architect, designer, general contractor or purchasing manager at any point in your project to determine your curtain needs.  Please click on this link to fill out contact information so that we can get started.