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ZipQuick® SD Sound Dampening Hospital Curtain

Silence is golden.  And now with the ZipQuick® Curtain, it’s available in 60 seconds.

Most hospital privacy curtains only do half the job.  A privacy curtain isn’t truly private if the entire ward can hear your conversation.  Help maintain patient confidentiality with the ZipQuick® SD - Sound-Dampening Privacy Curtain from KEMTEX®.  The same revolutionary, distinguished curtain that can be changed out in under 60 seconds is now available in a Patent-Pending sound dampening model. 

Retaining all the features of the Original ZipQuick® curtain, the ZipQuick® SD comes with an acoustical sound-dampening fabric lining.  Additionally, the ZipQuick® SD is 6 inches longer (hanging a mere 4 inches off the floor), further reducing the amount of auditory bleed-through.

In addition to decreasing the time to actually change out the curtain, ZipQuick® SD reduces time wasted in your supply room hunting for the correctly sized curtain.  Our proprietary color-coded sizing system makes finding the curtain you need fast and easy, especially since the ZipQuick® system drastically reduces your total number of curtain sizes to no more than 11 standard sizes.

Every ZipQuick® SD fabric panel comes with an acrylic baton that attaches to a D-ring found on either end of the curtain.  When used to open and close the curtain, it can even further reduce contact cross-contamination.  Like the Original ZipQuick®, the ZipQuick® SD comes in 11 possible widths and an endless array of fabrics, colors, and styles to choose from.

Only take two measurements: the length of your current curtain track and your floor-to-ceiling measurement.  OurProduct Size Guide shown below will help you identify the color-coded ZipQuick® SD width size you need.

Then, choose either a beige or white ZipQuick® mesh color in the length you need.  The mesh is compatible with all standard curtain tracks and carriers.  Once you’ve installed it, the heavy-duty industrial-grade zipper allows you to rapidly change out your curtains in seconds.  Note:  The ZipQuick® Original, SD and SD+ are all interchangeable and compatible with the Standard Mesh.

Decrease inefficiency, risk of ladder-related injuries, and cross-contamination - all while increasing productivity, safety and most of all patient privacy.    

Call now and speak with one of our highly experienced design specialists for free.  Let them help you find the right product, sizes and styles best suited for your environment.